About Us

About Us

HRWorkz is not just any other product. For us, it is also our commitment that aims to help business-owners to achieve their dreams to their ventures by taking care of their employee woes and problems through an efficient payroll and employee management systems.

Also, it is also our responsibility to provide our clients the best quality service possible. It is our pleasure to give you the same amount of trust to HRWorkz, and expect us to deliver the same.

Why Us?

HRWorkz is made based on what you need in your business; we only focus on the essentials on your existing set-up. With our no-nonsense payroll and timekeep offerings, we want you to experience the best that big companies have - in a price that won't cost much.

Our Philosophy

To provide the best software driven solution to small, medium, and large enterprises all over the country. With the leadership of determined professionals, we aim to bring innovation and excellence together, and foster a long and insightful relationship with our valuable clients.
To be a recognized leader in Software Development and 'Software as a Service Provider' and be the partner of choice for every local business owner in the country.
Our core team is composed of established professionals in the IT industry, as well as business owners in other different industries. We believe that by combining our expertise, we can have a more comprehensive and collective understanding of what businesses truly need.