Accurate Data Computation

We make sure that our computations are correct and updated with the latest rates. We are true to our promise of precision to our clients.

Cloud-Based Operations

Our systems are cloud-based: all client information are safe and accessible via the Internet. It also promotes transparency as well!

For All Types Of Business

We're dynamic enough to accommodate companies regardless of employee size. We can handle a group of hundreds up to an army of thousands!

Flexible Payment Rules

Our software can handle every company's demands - from simple set-ups to complex business structures. We can expand your account if your business turns into an empire.

Multi - Location

If your business is franchise or branch-based, our systems are integrated that can provide the same service from one location to another to ensure every branch performs on its maximum potential.

Employee Self-Service

HRWorkz made it easy for employees to file and apply their applications for themselves - including premiums, contributions, time-related concerns, etc.

Free Updates

Important updates are within reach. With this, your system's always up-to-date with our latest offerings. Oh, and did we mention that it's free?

Help & Support

HRWorkz's customer service line is always in tabs to your questions and concerns. You can ask us on our social media pages and we are more than happy to help you.

HRWorkz has everything that every business
needs in payroll and timekeeping, and also the
most comprehensive in the market today.

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We at HRWorkz believe that every business should experience the best service for their investments. We are committed to bring the best B2B softwares possible for every competitive market. We reside on our hive in Ortigas Center, doing the best we can to make your day better than the last one.

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We're here to help.

With a country where SME's (small, and medium enterprises) are fast rising, HRWorkz is here to promote progress, not just business. We want your venture to experience the same convenience that payroll companies offer for big businesses. With that, we want HRWorkz to become the standard payroll and timekeep software for small and medium entrepreneurs in the country. You deserve a system that fits all of your needs. You deserve HRWorkz.

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